Video Podcast Production & Studio in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you listening?! Millions of Canadians are tuning into podcasts and the audiences continue to grow. Canadians are listening to an average of six podcasts per week. Leadership, sports, finance and every topic in between. 

Here at Road 55, we work hard to have fun and create content that connects for our clients. 

We’ve been producing dozens of podcasts and hundreds of episodes for years now. We continue to grow and produce new corporate shows along with the opportunity to enhance the audio content with video, animation, graphic design and more.

The team at Road 55 will guide you through the why, the what, the how and more when it comes to your podcast production. We work with a variety of clients in a virtual setting as well as in our studio

The Road 55 production studio is easily located and accessed in West Edmonton.

From concept, to production, to the deployment and promotion of the audio content, Road 55 helps clients create content that connects. 

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