Are you listening?! Millions of Canadians are tuning into podcasts and the audiences continue to grow. Canadians are listening to an average of six podcasts per week. Leadership, sports, finance and every topic in between. 

With that in mind, the team at Road 55 just announced the addition of Bryn Griffiths and his podcast production business into the fold of our day to day operations. 

“We work hard to have fun and create content that connects for our clients. Podcasts have been part of our offering at Road 55 for some time but with the addition of Bryn, we’re really excited to have significantly upped our game.” said Rob LeLacheur, owner of Road 55. 

Bryn has been producing dozens of audio podcasts for clients. That work will continue along with the capacity to take on new productions as well as the opportunity to enhance the audio content with video, animation, graphic design and more.

“I’m really looking forward to joining the growing team at Road 55. A few years ago the challenge of corporate audio podcasting was presented to me and I loved it. The clients soon became friends and it was a wonderful experience.” said Bryn Griffiths.

For me, there’s nothing more fun than the creative process plus the energetic vibe at Road 55 is a great fit for me.” 

The Road 55 production studio is located in the heart of downtown between Edmonton City hall and Rogers Place.

From concept, to production, to the deployment and promotion of the audio content, Bryn joins the team at Road 55 to help their clients create content that connects. 

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Bryn Griffiths



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