We take our work very seriously at Road 55…but have a lot of fun along the way. We even make our own parody movie trailers that you can check out for a good laugh! 

Meet the Road 55 Team! 

Rob LeLacheur.

Meet Rob, the creative engine of Road 55. With a knack for turning big ideas into even bigger realities, Rob’s rich background in media and marketing makes him a wizard at weaving strategies that pop and sizzle. Whether he’s brainstorming the next big marketing hit or leading the charge on a video production, Rob makes sure our clients’ brands not only shine but also sing.

Trevor Cousineau

Lead Visual Storyteller Imagine having a superhero whose superpower is turning ordinary into extraordinary through video, audio and graphics. That’s Trevor! With his extensive experience, Trevor crafts visual stories that stick with your audience long after the screen fades to black. He’s the man behind the lens making sure your message isn’t just seen; it’s remembered.

Kyla Steinke

Sunshine and Strategy Mixer Kyla mixes sunshine with strategy, making sure every marketing campaign she touches turns to gold. With a career decorated in successful events and buzz-worthy marketing campaigns, Kyla knows how to throw a party your brand wants an invite to. She’s all about getting your message out in the most fun and engaging way possible, ensuring it strikes the right chord with your audience.

Nigel Gale

The Melodic Maestro

Step into the rhythm of innovation with Nigel, the melodic heart of Road 55’s video production team. With two decades of experience in Edmonton’s pulsing music scene, Nigel brings a symphony of visual flair and sonic depth to every production. Known for transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary stories, he captures the essence of every frame with a musician’s timing and a filmmaker’s eye. Clients are often in awe of his ability to harmonize sight and sound, creating videos that are not just watched but experienced. Ready to elevate your project with cinematic rhythm and blues? Nigel’s your maestro behind the camera, ensuring every cut is sharp and every note hits home.

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