Joanne Fedeyko – YEG Me about San Francisco and Edmonton

Joanne Fedeyko joined us recently on the YEG Me podcast. Straight from the SFO (San Francisco), Joanne brings us her stories of her many, many Edmonton, Alberta and Canadian connections.

Joanne is the CEO of Connection Silicon Valley. They are an organization that helps companies collaborate, connect, innovate, and partner with Silicon Valley’s world-renowned technology ecosystem.  They have a variety of clients, initiatives and programs that gives them access to 100’s of startup founders and corporate executives each year. Some of her work includes:

  • Supporting Canadian startups with access to US capital and customers.
  • Government of Alberta liaison, with a mandate to drive investment into the province and helps startups access Silicon Valley.
  • Founder, Canadian Women’s Network, a Silicon Valley network supporting Canadian women led startup leaders.   We host signature immersion programs in the Valley and connect startups into our trusted network. Our initial program focused on women-led startups under $1M in revenue across all sectors and all Canadian geographies.
  • Managing Director of theBoardlist Canada, a global marketplace to get more women on public and private boards.

To learn more about Joanne and connect with her, visit:

So what is Yeg Me all about?

Edmonton is a great city and we wanted to connect with some Edmontonians to learn more about them and more importantly, some of their thoughts and insight about Edmonton (YEG).


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The Podcasts were filmed in the Werkstatt Studio. You can learn more about the studio, located in the heart of the Ice District in Downtown Edmonton by going here: