YEG Me some pies with Jamie Scott, owner of South Island Pie Co.

We sat down recently with Jamie Scott, the owner of the South Island Pie Company and learned all about his journey to Edmonton, the start of South Island Pies company and their new chapter of building the food business accelerator UpRoot Food. 

Originally from the south island of New Zealand, Jamie – the pie man himself – travelled to Canada on his first OE (overseas experience). From the day he left NZ, he longed for the comforts of a hot, savoury, traditional NZ meat pie. Once settled in Edmonton with his Canadian wife, he realized there were no down-under-style meat pies to be found. 

It was time to put that famous kiwi ingenuity to use and create his own homemade meat pies. After years of making meat pies for friends and family and fine tuning his recipes, the South Island Pie Co. came to life. Jamie wanted to share a little piece of NZ and his love of savoury pies with the fine folks of Edmonton – and that’s how South Island Pie Co. began!

Jamie is an avid mountain biker who loves to follow his rides up with a good craft beer. When he’s not making his savoury pies for his fellow fine Edmontonians, you can find him cheering on the All-Blacks or the Oilers, taking in one of our city’s markets, or brewing his own beer.

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Edmonton is a great city and we wanted to connect with some Edmontonians to learn more about them and more importantly, some of their thoughts and insight about Edmonton (YEG).


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