Marty Forbes – YEG Me about 50 years of radio

Marty Forbes was our guest on YEG Me the podcast. He is the 49 year media guy (we hope to be invited to the 50th party!). 

He’s part of radio royalty in the Edmonton market and has touched a significant number of radio stations across Canada during his media career and the ones that he did not, his father and brothers surely did. 

He is currently ‘semi retired’ and operate a consulting company called RADIOWISE INC. specializing in media; social media; and marketing. 

He also writes twice a month for the Edmonton Sun on PAGE 6 and does a great deal of community events and initiatives including Jerry Forbes Centre; Santas Anonymous, the Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree; Crescendo, and the John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation. 






Marty’s Musings: 

Learn all about the Singing Christmas Tree and Crescendo by visiting: 

So what is Yeg Me all about?

Edmonton is a great city and we wanted to connect with some Edmontonians to learn more about them and more importantly, some of their thoughts and insight about Edmonton (YEG).


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