Allan Mott – YEG Me some B-Movie gold

Allan Mott – So much fun to have local Edmontonian Allan join us to talk about his writing career and creative touch points in our community. 

To go along with his passion for B-Movies, he’s a book writer too!  A few years back he was allowed to publish his own book on the subject, the imaginatively titled Scary Movies, which documented the creation, reaction and relevance of six of his favourite horror movies. 

It remains the best of the 12 and ½ books he’s managed to publish thus far (don’t ask about the ½ book, it’s a long story).

As a film theorist (which is a pretentious way to say that he writes really long reviews where the actual quality of the films are usually irrelevant) Allan operates under the belief that anyone can come up with interesting insights while deconstructing Citizen Kane, Persona, The Seventh Seal, 8 ½, Badlands or Breathless, but it takes imagination, hard work and a twisted personality to do the same with Skatetown USA, Don’t Go in the House, Cheerleaders Wild Weekend or Disorderlies.

Which leads us to Vanity Fear, which was once called The House of Glib before Allan got tired of constantly telling people what “glib” meant. Its purpose is to serve as a repository for any cinematic observation Allan wishes to make that is unlikely to ever be printed anywhere else. 

In addition to B-Movies and writing, we chat about his love of food and he shared many dishes he hopes others discover in Edmonton.

Here is the coveted Food list that Allan shared with us on the podcast. You have to go enjoy these local dishes in Edmonton!

Brussels Sprouts at Woodwork

Potato Fondant at Partake

Fish Tacos at Tres Carnales

Latte at Coffee Bureau

Lemon Merengue cake at Duchess

Gnocchi at Almanac

Order off the white board at Tokyo Noodle Shop

Fonduta Agnolotti at Bar Bricco

Spicy garlic miso pork ramen at Prairie Noodle House

Hot chicken at Northern Chicken

Eclairs at La Boulle

Blue steel with bacon and smoke at The Burger’s Priest

You can find Allan: – A pretentious A-Hole’s guide to B-Movie BS



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